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The future of colposcopy has arrived. A unique system that integrates an ergonomic seat with excellent features and highly innovative technology capable of offering a quality of work never seen before. An integrated colposcopy/videocolposcopy system that frees you from the bulk of the various components, giving you a unique work experience.

Perfect integration

Ergonomic sea for both the patient and the doctor.The double column lifting system allows you to tilt the front part of the seat to facilitate the sitting of the patient without the aid of any footboard.In addition, this lifting system allows you to manage the positive and negative trendelenburg controlled by a digital tilt meter.

The Control system of the seat and the main colposcopefunctions: height, tilt, trendelenburg, lighting, green/amber filter, anti/glare function are possible by means of two handy joysticks on the colposcope.
Highly efficient 50000 LUX LED LIGHTING.The innovative ANTI-GLARE visualization system guarantees the elimination of annoying reflection caused by the surface tissue for a better vision of the ephitelium.

4K digital acquisition module with autofocus system and double lighting for top-quality vulvoscopy examinations.Optical proble (optional) for high-magnification examinations of vulvar lesions.

Absence of external connections. All the connectors are integrated into the electronic modular structure for a fast troubleshooting and for constant updates.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply security system guarantees the seat moving even in case of lack of electricity using control commands.

-WIDI MODULE for connecting the 32’’ wireless monitor.-WIFI MODULE for connecting peripheral units (printers, notebook, etc…)-BLUETOOTH MODULE for controlling the seat movement by means of a remote control.-APP (for ANDROID) for smartphones and double footswitch for saving of photos and videosfaster.